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At Cuzin Richard Entertainment (CREA), we know that the right entertainer can take your event to the next level. We offer more than 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry and are experts at partnering the right act with the right event. We bring our clients the smoothest jazz, coolest rock and hippest DJs. Our connections with top comedians guarantee hilarity, and we offer a wide range of specialty acts, from spell-binding magicians to caricature artists, jugglers and much more.  Headliners we have worked with include Diana Krall, The Cars and Wendy Liebman. We also work with rising local stars.



The band was born 12 years ago in Central New Hampshire when three outcasts met on common ground for their love of the blues. Throughout school, they reminded active as a trio and picked up a local fan base as word spread around their small state. In 2009, a road trip landed the band in Mississippi where a college education’s worth of blues schooling took place for the next several years. This is when the band began hitting the road hard playing from San Antonio to Key West to Boston, and everywhere in between. Thousands of miles of road and hundreds of honky-tonks serve as the backdrop to what the MVB does; Play The Blues.